Salmon Whole Gutted 4-5Kg/Pc

Salmon Whole Gutted 4-5Kg/Pc


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, salmon fillets are a healthy option for quick and flavourful weeknight meals.

Whether grilled, pan-fried or roasted, this versatile fish will surprise and excite your taste buds.

We prepare this versatile fish in boneless, skin off fillets, making them easy to cook.

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Product Description

Did you know Salmon has one of the highest Omega-3 content out of any food in the world?It’s rich in vitamins and minerals that aim to prevent illness, improve your health and the magic key to healthy, younger-looking skin.Considered one of the healthiest foods we can eat, salmon is packed full of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D which is considered the ‘happiness vitamin’.


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Fresh – Norway

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1 Pc (4Kg-5Kg)