C2C Online ‘Concept’

Welcome to Chef 2 Chef, our “Wholesale Online Home Delivery Concept”.

  • Get more, Pay Less
  • Market fresh; Money Smart
  • Quality you can taste – Values you can trust
  • Jumeirah Jane, Satwa Sally and Barsha babe Friendly Site
  • Delicious food and more, delivered straight to your door
  • I followed my Heart, it led me to the fridge…!

We are not a supermarket, nor a grocery store – we are one of Dubai’s leading and most reputable Hotel and Fine Dining Restaurant Food Suppliers – created and owned by one of the worlds. The idea for this site was simply borne out of our friends wanting academic essay writers to buy the same quality items that hotels use, but for affordable prices to enjoy at home. The wholesale concept is simply to offer a “no-frills” format, bulk purchase, often in plain packing, with significant cost savings – but giving YOU restaurant quality produce.

We are not a service for a quick pint of milk or a loaf of bread. C2C is targeting a demographic who are looking to make their money go as far as possible, which means they see the value in buying something for a higher initial purchase price, but which will last them for significantly longer. We are not selling 1 apple, 5 Pieces of Prawns, 200g of Bacon, 150g Salmon Fillet etc. We are selling Fruits and Vegetables from 1/2 Kg upwards, 1Kg Bag of Peeled/Cleaned/Deveined Prawns ready to cook (only 45 AED p/Kg!!), 2Kg packets of Bacon (only 65 AED!!), a Whole Side of fresh Salmon (Skin on or Off) etc.

We do not have a flashy retail shop in a swanky area, we have a functional warehouse, cold store and offices, this means our overheads are less than a supermarket for instance. This results in C2C passing those savings onto its customers and keeping its margins small. Customers tend to spend more per order because they know it will save them money in the long run. C2C also offers luxury goods as specials, looking to catch customers off-guard who wouldn’t expect to see such items at affordable prices i.e. @ pieces of Lobster for only 58 AED…!

Too many people are so disconnected from real fresh or quality food due to the endless tricks of food manufacturers, processors, importers and greedy retailers – we want to be different, we care. We do take seriously our responsibility, to educate people pay to do my essay about healthy, fresh, affordable food and give you a quality product for a fair and reasonable price. So many of us are well educated modern day foodies these days, we all want to enjoy a tasty treat on our plates, but within a realistic budget.

We welcome you to Chef 2 Chef 

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